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Just in case you’ve forgotten.
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Halloween Song Number Fourteen: Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.

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There was a spell cast by a witch today… for a spooky Halloween evening! It went something like this:

Now hear and see!

From one make ten, Take two, and then at once take three, and you are rich; four doesn’t score; But says the witch, From five and six makes seven and eight; That puts it straight. And nine is none. The witch’s twice times table’s done! (ƒrom Goethe’s Faust)

(Song is by Elvis Presley, Witchcraft)

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Witchcraft ~ Frank Sinatra

Folks who have been around the Flimwell Papers’ for awhile no that I don’t go for the obvious…you know Blue Christmas done all Elvis like and the same goes for the other great pagan high holy days.  But somehow this year a song that every once in awhile my Dad would dust off the sheet music he had for this tune and play it for my Mum.  He would end with a big smile and they would hug —- so I played this for Mum during her leaving time —- she burst out laughing that it was too perfect….your Dad always hit some dramatic off key stuff….Bless’em both.  It’s the Monday Got The Witchcraft Thang from the Flimwell Papers’ Music Corner!

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